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I.            Policy Statement


The Florida Lacrosse Association (FLA) is committed to the exhibition of sportsmanship and ethical behaviors in and around all athletic contests played under its sanction. All contests must be safe, fair, controlled and orderly for all athletes, officials, and fans alike.


It is the intent of the FLA that unsportsmanlike behavior and violence in any form is not to be tolerated in athletic contests or practices under the jurisdiction of the FLA. In order to enforce this policy, the FLA has implemented regulations in cooperation with appropriate coaches and club commissioners, who set forth the manner of implementation and enforcement of this policy, and the penalties incurred when violations of this policy occur. The rules and regulations shall focus upon the responsibility of the coach to teach and demand high standards of conduct and to enforce personally the rules and regulations set forth by the FLA.


The FLA requires that the following code of ethics and disclosure be issued to and signed by each head and assistant coach, each season, as a guide to govern their behavior. The penalty for failing to sign a copy of this policy will be to restrict the coach from participating in FLA programs


II.            Code of Conduct for Coaches


            Be courteous at all times with players, opponents, game officials and fans.


            Exercise self-control on the field before, during and after contests.


            Be responsible for the sportsmanlike conduct of his or her players on the team.


            Explain to the parents that they are to respect the decisions of the referees and the play of both teams in a sportsmanlike manner.


            There shall be no use of foul and abusive language.


            Be familiar with all rules of the contest.


            Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.


            There shall be no use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs at FLA programs.


            There shall be no recruitment of players from other teams or clubs.


            Win with character, lose with dignity.


I have read and understood the Policy Statement and Code of Conduct for Coaches, and the violations and penalties of the “Code of Conduct Policy”. I have also read and understood the rules and regulations of the FLA, specifically Section 1.7 “Conduct” and Section 1.10 “Penalties”.


I agree to abide by the policy while participating in FLA athletics regardless of contest site or jurisdiction.


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