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FLA Statement on Game Day Rosters

The rules for games include a requirement that each team bring a roster. The roster should be printed and not hand written before the game to prevent last second changes. It is understood that due to injury, illness or vacation some teams may be in a bind due to a lack of players. The coaches should assess the number of players available during the week and if there is a shortage the coach should contact the opposing coach and explain the situation and gain approval to play other players. That approval should be granted, absent very unusual circumstances, so that the greatest number of boys get to play. It should go without saying that the anticipated cooperation among coaches should not be a vehicle to bring “A” players into “B” games or very talented players from one “A” team or “B” team to another by Clubs with multiple teams in either bracket. If there are concerns or questions please contact the current President of FLA.

One player should be on one roster only during a season.