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FLA Statement on Junior Contact

We have received a few reports of substantial contact in recent Junior or 5/6 games. The league rule on body checking in this division is crystal clear and has been explained and emphasized in coaches meetings and numerous emails. There is NO body checking in the Junior division. This is not subject to a coach’s interpretation on a given Saturday. There are no distinctions based on the number of steps a player takes before hitting an opposing player-there are no distinctions based on how a player holds his stick-there are no distinctions on whether a hit can be viewed as a “take out check”-and finally, no Junior player should be on the ground because of contact. There is no gray area on this issue.

                If an official shows up and isn’t aware of the difference in rules from high school to Seniors to Juniors it is incumbent on the coaches to inform him. It is completely unacceptable to try to use that scenario to open up a game to body checking. It is equally unacceptable to encourage an official to “let them play” so as to increase the contact. If this rule isn’t being enforced and a coach has spoken to the officials about it without success that coach should call the current FLA President and that individual will speak to the official.