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FLA Expectations of Officials

This is an effort by FLA to help all players, coaches and parents become more mindful of their behavior.  We have all been witness to games getting out of hand because of poor behavior.  We are hoping to create better habits in all the game participants so that the boys can just focus on the game.

  1. We ask that you partner with us in our goal of instructing our boys to play  lacrosse properly and safely on the field.
  1. Review the rule differences between the 5/6, 7/8 and Lightning divisions before each game.
  1. We encourage a strict control of the game and in addition to all standard calls that are expected based on printed rules, we want to emphasize sportsmanship.  As such, please be sure to enforce the following as well:
If a player is heard to either cuss or belittle another player on the field, outside of earshot of parents, a warning will be given to the player and his head coach. If same player is heard to speak the same again, an unsportsmanlike penalty will be given. If cussing is initially heard by parents, unsportsmanlike penalty will be given immediately.  The ref has discretion to impose a 1-3 minute penalty.
If any coach is overheard cussing or belittling an opposing player or coach , an unsportsmanlike penalty will be given immediately. 
If a parent is heard to either cuss or berate a player, official or coach, a warning will be given to the parent.  Official will communicate to the head coach the details.  If same parent repeats the behavior, an unsportsmanlike penalty (time is at your discretion) will be given to the team and the official has the option of ejecting the parent from the game.  Depending on the circumstance, the official may speak to the parent directly.  Please note that a letter has been written to address expectations of parents.  Each club will send it out and copies should be on hand.
  1. Please instruct throughout the game, examples include:
  1. If you see improper use of sticks, please warn the boys and then state the proper use.
  2. If you throw a flag, please explain the call whenever possible, i.e. What the boy did and what he should have done differently.
  3. Face-off procedures - stand them up to get them down in the correct position at least once before calling the procedure penalty.
  4. Physically move with the game to get the best views of the game.  We do not want refs to stand on midline throughout the game.
  1. Every game should start on time, not before.
  1. Know that the league has communicated to all coaches that only head coaches may speak with officials during the game and will support you in penalizing inappropriate communications from assistant coaches.
  1. A max of 4 coaches are allowed on the sidelines during the game.  If you have this issue, ask the head coach to pick his 4 coaches and the rest should leave.
8. In accordance with Rule 1-2 Article 11, Spectators must be outside the limit lines and they are not permitted behind the table or player bench area.  Our league rule is that all spectators be located on the opposite side of the field from the players and coaches at every game.
9. The focus of our league is to have the participants learn the sport in as safe an environment as possible.  For any hitting related infraction we request that the rules be strictly enforced. While officials may “let them play” in High School and College, that is not appropriate in our league.  We would like you to partner with us in our efforts to instruct the boys to play properly and safely.
10. If one of our coaches is also an official, that coach should ONLY act as a coach. Normal head coach to ref discussions should follow.