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Table Instructions


You are working the scoring/timers table in the “Special Substitution Area”

of the lacrosse field. You are responsible for the score, the game clock, the

penalty clock during penalties, keeping track of time outs for both teams and

assisting the Game Officials (Referees) with the administration of the game.


What you need: Try to have 2 volunteers (itʼs the Home teamʼs responsibility to

provide the volunteers and all items), Scorecard, 2 stopwatches (1 for game time and 1 for penalty time), 1 horn, have a pad and pen available but lacrosse scoring books are preferred. Please note: If you use a smartphoneʼs timer for the game time or penalty time, repeated hot sun on the glass may turn the phone off.


Know that the substitution box should be 20 yards wide. (10 yards on either

side of the midfield line.) Your table should be at the midfield line and 6 yards

back from the sideline.  Coaches are NOT allowed in the box.


Anyone who is working at the table may not coach for either team.

When speaking to the officials with a question or informing them of the time of the game/penalty please maintain your professionalism and speak to them in a respectful manner.


Game time is 12 minute “running time” per quarter.” Both Junior and Senior games use 12 minute quarters.  This means that the game clock starts on the opening whistle of the game and is not stopped unless there is a “time out” or the official (ref) tells you to stop the clock for an injury or other game issue.


Penalty time is “stopped time.” This means you stop and start the penalty

time served according to the whistle on the field. Players serving the penalty

may not leave the “special substitution area.” Some penalties are called

“releasable” and some are “non-releasable.” Releasable penalties are those

penalties where the player serving the penalty may be “released” if a goal is

scored. Non Releasable penalties are those penalties where the offending player

must serve the FULL TIME of the penalty irrespective of goals scored by the

other team.


Write down penalties and the time that is to be served by player # and

team. Ex: #23 Ravens 2 minute personal foul. If any player reaches or exceeds

5 minutes of personal fouls you must tell a Referee immediately. That player will

be disqualified from game pursuant to the rules. Send a text to Tracy Beattie

giving details of the disqualification, 407-718-9423. Confirm that the teamʼs head

coach knows that the player has been ejected.


During a TIME OUT please STOP the game clock. Then restart the game

clock after the time out when the official blows his whistle to start play.


Each team has 2 timeouts available to them per half and they do not accrue

(ex. “use them or lose them.”) All timeouts are 2 minutes in duration and all time outs are monitored by the game officials on the field.


Blow the horn clearly and loudly at the end of each quarter. 


Give the head ref a 2 minute and 1 minute warning before the end of each

quarter. Head ref may give you different instructions, please do as he asks.

If a game ends in a tie at the end of regulation time (the 4th quarter), a 4 minute

“sudden victory/overtime period” will be played. This OT period is running time.

During the OT each team gets ONE TIME OUT.


You have a vitally important job as the

timekeeper/scorekeeper during the game. If you have a

question about the administration of the game ASK AN

OFFICIAL to clarify or assist you.


Thanks for your help!!